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Municipality of Retschwiller
The village of Retschwiller which has no church, has always been attached to the parish of Soultz-sous-ForĂȘts. Cited in 1274, the village was part of the property of Fleckenstein. Today it is characterized by a well-preserved habitat, composed mainly of large farms to open courtyard dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The interesting monuments

Town Hall-School
Built of stone, and brick, it has two front body crowned with gables to redents and whorls. The vane bears the date 1891.

The cabin of the keeper of the grapes date of the eighteenth century. Based on the heights overlooking Soultz-sous-ForĂȘts, it is the only witness viticulture once widespread in that country. In September, at the time of maturation, the vineyard was closed to preserve the grapes flights. A garde-vignes or "bangarde" municipal officer, was responsible for the supervision and housed permanently in this house overlooking the vineyard.

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