Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Castle near Fleckenstein Lembach is one of the largest castles in the Vosges and the date of the 12th century. I He was part of the fortifications of the Duchy of Alsace. The castle with dominion over the Sauertal was the seat of the family Fleckenstein. In 1680 the palace was destroyed after having served for more than 500 years to the defense. The family of Fleckenstein disappeared shortly afterwards.
Since the rock more than 20 meters high, on which was built the castle, the view extends to the forest and the surrounding hills.
If you have a taste for adventure you love the ruined castle. Passing through the courtyard outside the castle with the remnants of foundation walls of the old house or custody of the inn, you will go to an impressive square tower built in the rock. . By the staircase built into the rock you reach the upper platform. This is not just for the superb view that we must climb the tower, but also for the stairs.
In the main castle you reach a bridge, you will find at the main entrance in different pieces like knights room, a wine cellar with a source and a device for lifting the home of the castle and more. The upper platform of this fortress 92 meters long and 8 meters wide is accessible by a small internal staircase built into the rock.



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