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Descendants of Christian/Christoph Breitenbucher

from Sonia Loison-Schneider

  • Christoph Breitenbucher 1 was born February 28, 1672 in Pluderhausen Germany. He lived in Birlenbach, Bas Rhin, France. He died on Semptember 23,1729 in Birlenbach, Bas-Rhin, France.
He married twice. His 1st wife was Eve Lottenmeyer. She was born in 1690 in Schwaben,Germany. He married on October 23,1714 in Birlenbach, Bas-Rhin a second time

Anna Catharina Huber was born around 1690.
they had 6 children
  • Johann Georg Breitenbucher2 was born on March 18,1714 in Birlenbach, Bas-Rhin. He was a baker;. He died on February 23, 175 in Birlenbach.
He married on July 10, 1736 in Birlenbach
Anna Catharina Gill was born July 12, 1712 in Birlenbach. She died on March 1, 1786 in Birlenbach.
They had 6 children

  • Georg Michael BREITENBUCHER12 was born on February 26, 1737 in Birlenbach.He died March 28, 1801 in Birlenbach.
He married around 1759
Maria Barbara Schweikhart was born around 1744 in Wingen, Bas-Rhin. She died on March 18,1799 in Birlenbach. They had 10 children .
Their sons were the founder of the Midwest group and the East Coast group.

  • Magdalena Breitenbucher123 was born on September 18, 1777. Shed died October 5, 1855 in Potter Tshp, Yates Cty, NY USA. She married Philipp Heinrich Koehler (they were the parents of the Henry Koehler who settled in Holmes Co. OH). Thus the Henry Koehler and Georges Breitenbucher (husband of Margaret Ohleyer) who were in Holmes Co. were first cousins.
  • Johann Michael Breitenbucher123 was born November 15,1775. He died September 30,1834 in Yates Cty, NY USA.
He married on May 1, 1798 in Birlenbach, Bas-Rhin France
Maria Elisabetha Wanner was born December 1, 1778 in Birlenbach
They lived in Knox Tnp Holmes Cty Ohio. They had 5 children.
Michael and Elizabeth arrived in NYC on 31 May 1830 along with their sons John Adam and Christian.
  • Michael Breitenbucher1234 was born October 16,1799 in Birlenbach. He stayed back in Birlenbach. He married Barbe Esch.
The two other brother followed shortly.
  • Johann Georges Breitenbucher 1234Georges was born on April 17,1807 in Birlenbach.
He married Margaret Ohleyer.
They settled in Knox Tnp Holmes Cty Ohio. They had 13 children
  • Christian Breitenbucher1234 was born January 25,1804 in Birlenbach. He married Margaret Glor
  • Johann Adam Breitenbucher1234 was born on April 24, 1814 in Birlenbach. He moved to Wyoming County, New York

  • Jacques Breitenbucher1234 was born April 3, 1810 in Birlenbach. He married Margaret Hermann. They had 5 children
In1837, settled in Knox Twp, Holmes Co, OH with brother George, on a farm adjoining George's. In 1857, the family moved to Washington Township. This family moved to Ashland.

  • Francis Louis Breitenbucher 123son of Georg Michael and Schweikhart was born June 20, 1779 in Birlenbach.
He was married twice. First on December 19. 1815 in Keffenach, Bas-Rhin to Barbe Wehl.
Second on December 31,1817 in Keffenach, Bas-Rhin to
Margaret Hey born December 5, 1798 in Keffenach, Bas-Rhin France. Her parents were Martin Hey and Maria Suzanna Meader. Her mother was married first to Johann Michael Schneider from Mitschdorf. He was a miller.
They had 7 children.
He and his wife( their children) were also all on the same ship as his older brother Michael. They also ended up in Holmes Co. after a stay in Ontario Co. NY.

  • A son of Francis Louis Breitenbucher died in the Civil War in Chattanooga.
  • Madeleine Breitenbucher1234 daughter of Francis Louis and Margaret Hey was born October 12, 1818 Birlenbach. She married on October 13, 1837 in Holmes County Ohio Michael Schneider born on September 18, 1813 in Retschwiller, Bas-Rhin. They had 10 children.
Michael Schneider came to this country from Germany with a family named Scherr, when he was about 18 years old. They came over in a sailing vessel

  • Johann Martin Breitenbucher12 son of Christoph and Gill was born November 11, 1739 in Birlenbach. He founded the East Coast group.
He married in 1767 in Birlenbach
Maria Barbara Weber. She was born in 1747 in Birlenbach.
They had 9 children. Two sons who came to the US.
  • Jean Jacques Breitenbucher123 son of Johann Martin and Weber was born August 25,1780 in Birlenbach. He married Maria Barbara Hey. She was born October 7,1782 in Birlenbach . He died in Wyoming County, New York .
  • Philippe Henri Breitenbucher 123was born April 17,1786 in Birlenbach. He died in Orangeville, Wyoming Cty NY .He married Margaret Elisabeth Dellenbach in BirlenbachArrived on the Ship Great Britain. Port of departure, Le Havre.
Port of arrival, New York. Arrival date, 3 Aug 1829.
Included Philip, age 43, Marguerita, age 40, Barbara, age 6, Elizabeth, age 17, Henri,age13, Madelina, age 9. Name spelled Brutenbucher. Henry Koehler and family on the same ship.
They stayed in New York and changed their name to Broadbooks; sort of an Anglicized version of Breitenbucher.

  • Dorothe Salome Breitenbucher 123 daughter of Georg Michael and Schweickhart was born September 29, 1782 in Birlenbach.
She maried on December 12, 1802
Philippe Georg Hoeltzel von Schweighausen, Bas-Rhin . They had 5 children. They moved to Potter Tnsp Yates Cty NY.

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