Tuesday, November 6, 2007


The Rural House of Outre-Forêt to Kutzenhausen

Equipment cultural Regional Natural Park of Northern Vosges, the Rural House of Outre-Forêt to Kutzenhausen is a ferme-musée of peasant life of the past. Alsace has experienced periods of massive destruction of habitat especially during the Hundred Years War. A vast reconstruction movement began around year 1720. The houses of Outre-Forêt are representative of the regional identity both in the layout of the buildings that by the arrangement and decor formed by the Stud.

The Rural House of Outre-Forêt is a witness to this rural heritage. P. Nearly 10 years of hard work, perseverance and collaboration were necessary to bring this ambitious project to become a tool of conservation of agricultural and folk traditions.

Through a visit to the house fully furnished to the fashion of yesteryear, dependencies (dovecote, apiary, barn, stable, stable), the vegetable garden, barns converted into workshops (blacksmith, wheelwright and cooper), the classroom time (1935) and the showroom (where different topics are presented during the year), we are cut off time, to imagine what life could lead then ...

Throughout the years, the museum offers many entertainment to revive traditions often forgotten.

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