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Origin of name: the anthroponyme Germanic "Mimilo" and the German "Hof" which means yard on the farm.

Inhabited since prehistoric times, Memmelshoffen contains archaeological remains which some pieces are exhibited in the museum Niederbronn, including two bracelets dating from the Bronze Age.

In the Middle Ages, the village was incorporated into the domain of Fleckenstein, shared with Puller Hohenburg. Memmelshoffen is then the Kirchspiel of Soultz-sous-ForĂȘts, meaning they are in one parish dependent on the stronghold of the archdiocese of Cologne.
Recently the increase in population and the construction of new homes has caused the integration of the hamlet of Meisenthal to Memelshoffen. Both do so more than one metropolitan area. The Mairie-Ecole date of 1840 or so.

Sights and interesting sites:

The parish church, St. Catherine's date of the mid-eighteenth century and was amended in 1861. The steeple carpentry essenté slate rests on the pillars of wood, visible inside the building.
. Farms at 26 and 28 Main Street date back to 1749. These are the oldest buildings in the village still retained today.
The memorial was built in the style of 1930. Built in sandstone, he paid tribute to victims of the war 1939-1945.

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