Sunday, November 4, 2007


The Genealogy Workshop
of the Wissembourg A

The Genealogy Workshop of the Wissembourg Area is a section of the History and Archeology Circle of North Alsace.

Their aim is to help with the genealogical research in the beautiful area of Wissembourg and its surroundings.

Once a month, the members
get together to help genealogy lovers in their research methods and needs (German paleography and the use of computers for example) and enable them to exchange information.

They have settled on the long task consisting of recording the Parish and the Public registers of our area little by little, in order to preserve the originals and make their reading easier.

The list of registers available gets longer and longer every month. They have completed about thirty of them in three years.

They also maintain friendly contacts with our neighbours from Moselle and Palatinat, and shortly with the Baden area in Germany.

We wish you a pleasant and useful surfing on their web page:

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