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The origin of the name of Keffenach comes from the Latin word "may" which means capanna hut.

City for the first time in 1312 as a stronghold of Ochstenstein, Keffenach passed to the lords of Fleckenstein in 1348 and Puller of Hohenburg. But Lichtenberg eventually have important rights on the site. In 1480, these rights passed into the hands of Deux-Ponts-Bitche before returning to Hanau-Lichtenberg.

Sights and interesting sites:

The trail mills
On the creek Wintzenbaechel were once seven mills. Today, five of these mills, unserviceable are still kept. The trail mills is particularly interesting in practice, in spring and autumn.

Catholic Church and Rectory
The Catholic church date of 1865. Within one notices a picture of the eighteenth century representing St George fighting the dragon, which is probably due to the Alsatian painter Carola SORG.

The Catholic rectory in 1769, presents a beautiful architectural stone while all the surrounding houses are timbered.

Temple protestant Evangelical
The temple was protesting in 1871 to rebuild the location of the church which he mixed utilized a part of the tower. The village of Keffenach only has two places of worship since 1865, when construction of the Catholic Church.

Town Hall School
The Town Council School was built in 1883 at the place where a house which was used as a Protestant school from 1850.

House at 18 Main Street
. Of all the half-timbered houses, the one that stands at No. 18 of the main street is the site of the former farm dimière.
Built in 1807, it presents, under the windows of gear, a backdrop formed by the crosses of St. Andrew enserrées in diamonds. A symbolic calling the well-being and prosperity on the house. The building to the right of the entry is used for resetting wood.

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