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Immigrant Ancestor

Jacob Frederick Schramm, great-grandson of Andreas, who emigrated from Betschdorf, Alscae, France, to America in 1830 and settled in Beaver County, Pennsylvania shortly afterwards. He appears in the 1835 tax records for North Sewickley Township.

Other Schramm family members and relatives who came to Beaver County from Betschdorf are:

  • Theobald Schramm, Jacob Frederick's brother, and his family in 1835
  • Maria Salome Schramm (nee Holtzman), who was Frederick's mother in 1835. Frederick's father died before they emigrated.
  • Anna Eva Goehring (nee Stiller), widow of Friederick's brother, Christian, who had married a second time to Jacob Goehring.

Family Origins and History

The oldest known records of the family are in Fautsbach, Germany.

Johann Christian Schramm, grandson of Andreas, moved to Betschdorf in the Alsace region of France, probably sometime in the first half of the 1780's. At that time, Betschdorf consisted of the two separate communities of Oberbetschdorf and Niederbetschdorf. The first record of the Schramm family in Betschdorf is the marriage record of Joh. Christian Schramm on October 16, 1786, at the Evangelical Church in Oberbetschdorf to Maria Salomea Holtzmännin. The record states that the Schramm family came from Fautspach in Württemburg, and that both Christian, and his father Friederich, were carpenters.

Based on the obituary of one of his daughters, Theobold Schramm, the son of Johann Christian and brother of Jacob Frederick who also emigrated to the United States, served in Napleon's army. He was a member of the "Grand Army" when Napoleon entered Moscow in 1812, and was one of the fortunate 50,000 men men under Marshall Ney who returned to France.

In the 1830's, members of the Schramm family began leaving Betschdorf for America. We do not know their motives for emigrating, but we believe that economic reasons were the main incentive, that it was difficult to make a living and raise a family.

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