Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Located 50kms to Strasbourg and 40kms Karlsruhe, Abri de Hatten is a quartering underground.

Built in 1930, the book has all the necessary facilities to house and feed a company of soldiers in war rooms, kitchens, toilets, sinks, boiler room, infirmary, engine room, protection against gas combat, defense close.
. L'Abri was occupied by French troops from 1936 to July 1940.

. L'Abri has a facade blind 60 meters breakthrough two doors and four slots for automatic rifles, a gap Diamond to collect debris in the event of bombing and strengthen the difficulty of access, two demi-caponnières equipped with slots defense quarters and a chute launchers.
28 rooms have been restored to their original state. Eight rooms have been converted into showrooms.

On the outside, at the museum site, the Wood Memorial is a place of calm and silence dedicated to civilian victims of the battle from 9 to 21 January 1945. Hatten and the neighboring village of Rittershoffen indeed have been at the heart of one of the most important battles of armored France, as part of the offensive Nordwind.
Comments Adventurers: in the House of models, interested in history will find all sites of the Maginot Line. We recommend the place for people sensitive to the events of 2 recent wars.


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