Tuesday, November 13, 2007



Before going to the army, the youth of the village celebrated the "conscription".They wore the white costume of conscript which could vary from one village to another. Some wore an apron, often embroidered by the boy himself, others, hats richly trimmed with feathers, fruit and ribbons


"Hoï ! Hoï ! Hoï !" "Hoï! Hoï! Hoï!" That was the cry, more or less conscripts in the streets, the ribbons hat on his head, a bottle of white wine in his hand. "Hoï!", Screamed as a "morituri te salutant", shouted later, as if to say: "Still a little time and you will see me no more ... Still a little time and I will no longer be the same."

Sale history that the invention of conscription, in the Revolution. Young people, age sacrifice himself to the State, should turn the wheel of fortune. The fate blind asked them to draw a number in the lottery of the future. Will be drafted or not? No prevarication: 604 loses and, 908 wins and rest. Alea jacta est . Life defined by the accident.

This macabre lottery gave, for ever and ever, freedom for all conscripts to engage in any excesses on the day of Kermes, May 1, and before the board of review.

"Hoï ! Hoï ! Hoï !" "Hoï! Hoï! Hoï!" It was their rallying cry, sesame to lust.

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